For Small Businesses

If you’re reading this, then you already know that social media is important for your business. But I’m going to be honest: unless you want to dedicate a significant amount of time to your marketing efforts, you probably won’t implement half of the things you’ll learn. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn. My goal is to empower you to think like a sophisticated marketer, no matter what your background, so you can plan how to leverage social media for your business most effectively.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Bootcamp


Full-day in-person interactive crash course in everything Facebook & Instagram advertising. Not only will you learn the guiding principles, but throughout the day we will work together to refine your social media advertising plan. Topics include: ad objectives, online behaviors, audience targeting, ad placements, creative best practices, Ads Manager, Business Manager, reporting analysis, A/B Testing, paths to conversion, and manual optimization.

$3,995 plus travel + accommodations (if applicable)

Page Basics (Set-Up and Walkthrough)

Just getting started? In just 2 hours, let me walk you through how to build and manage your presence on Facebook and/or Instagram to meet your goals. Topics include: Page set-up, Page settings, Page info, Messenger, Page posts & Timeline, brand storytelling, creative considerations, engagement, feed ranking (the notorious “algorithm”), Events, Groups, insights, and boosting posts.


Strategy Check

1-hour check-in to review your Page presence, marketing plan, or ad campaigns.