For Marketers & Agencies

Marketers and agencies are spread really thin. I stay on top of Facebook & Instagram business product updates and best practices so you don’t have to. As the former global head of employee product training at Facebook, I can teach you everything your Facebook/Instagram partner manager knows (and more).

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Bootcamp


Full-day in-person interactive crash course in everything Facebook & Instagram advertising. Not only will you learn the guiding principles, but throughout the day we will work together to refine your social media advertising plan. Topics include: ad objectives, online behaviors, audience targeting, ad placements, creative best practices, Ads Manager, Business Manager, reporting analysis, A/B Testing, paths to conversion, and manual optimization.

$3,995 plus travel + accommodations (if applicable)

Custom Workshops

Contact us and we’ll propose a custom solution based on your needs and goals. Common examples include product and creative deep-dives.

Strategy Check


1-hour ad hoc check-in to plan or review your campaigns or campaign performance.