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I can help you grow your brand’s reach and revenue with social media marketing and advertising by guiding you through 3 easy steps:

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Based on your goals, we will craft a personalized strategy to engage your new and existing customers on Facebook and Instagram through organic content and advertising. Learn how to create effective ads that deliver real business results.

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Navigating the complexity of Facebook’s ad auction is challenging. We will formulate and test assumptions about your target audiences through a series of micro campaigns, and learn from those results before scaling to keep costs low and maximize ROI.

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Now that you have arrived at a formula that works for your business, I will help you elevate your presence and gradually scale your advertising budget, delivering consistent value for your business.



Plan, Pivot, Profit

The complete Facebook and Instagram marketing kickstart program for small businesses and brands. Through a series of 6 check-ins, we will evaluate your Page presence and organic posting strategy, define your target audience(s), discuss your ad creative strategy, set up your ad account and your first campaigns, analyze your campaign performance, set up additional tests to gain insight, and follow up to ensure maximal ROI.


Plan Only

The perfect solution for small businesses and brands who are just seeking simple strategy direction. After learning about your goals, I will evaluate your current social media presence and prepare personalized strategy recommendations for your Facebook and Instagram Pages to get you on a path to success with Facebook-intended best practices, including organic content and advertising.

$1,250 includes written strategy report and follow-up only.


Ad hoc check-in to review your social media Pages and/or advertising campaigns.





"Michael Wright's deep Facebook and Instagram knowledge helped us put together a social media strategy that not only boosted the university's brand but generated positive buzz for the celebrity guest lecturers as well. Appearing in social media broadcasts have become a big value add for the students, showing them how the proper use of social media can be a launch pad for their personal brands. Michael's talent and creativity helped launch two pilot courses at the GSB: Project You: How to Create and Build Your Personal Brand, and Strategic Pivoting For Your Next Chapter."
-Allison Kluger, Lecturer at Stanford's Graduate School of Business and recipient of the Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership, 2017-18

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"Mike helped us realize the power of social media marketing in the local community. If it weren’t for Mike’s social media knowledge, the historic Orinda Theatre would not have been restored to its original glory."
-Derek Zemrak, Owner


"Mike's social media expertise was hugely valuable to our Getting To Zero Grant Making Committee as we evaluated the feasibility of local public health proposals. He helped us identify which projects were likely to reach their online community outreach goals, and which would require additional support."
-Paul Hepfer, Senior Vice President